Friday, January 23, 2009

Be Different

Abraham Lincoln was once being criticized for his attitude towards his opponents. "Why do you try to make friends with them?" a colleague asked. "You should try to destroy them." “Am I not destroying my enemies," the President asked gently, "when I make them my friends?"

"Wish good for those who harm you; wish them well and do not curse them."

Monday, January 5, 2009

Priority Focus: YOUTH

Many may know the name of Ron Luce, the founder of "Teen Mania" and "Acquire The Fire." Ron shared recently in a conference a deep urgency that was on his heart. He gave data describing the well-known reality that before the age of 20, 85%of the Christian world received salvation, and after 20, only 6% will come to faith.
Ron told of a newer statistic that only 4% of the Millennial Generation (teens today) beleive that the Bible is the Word Of God. That compares with 16% among Generation X and 25% among Baby Boomers. The decline in this Generation of teens is remarkable.
Ron showed data revealing that the bulk of the Millennial Generation is only five years from passing the threshold of age 20. The conclusion is simple, yet shocking for the people of God. If we do not reach this generation, the Millennial Generation, in the next five years, it will be more than ten times more difficult to reach them as they quickly move to become the leaders of our world without any godly convictions and standards.
The challenge is clear: the people of God must drop all that we are doing and focus our strength on reaching youth now while they are receptive to hear. Ron is encouraging us to take the easiest course of action. If we can throw our resources into an all-out, five-year surge to win youth, the culture will be impacted and the Godly standards, truth, and morality. It is much easier to win the youth now and to bring a culture back today.
If we wait, the culture will quickly turn more secular, displaying more post-Christian characteristics, and building a deep resistance to Christian tolerance and truth. Please join me and pray about this call to priority focus in outreach and ministry to the youth. Please remember that we are called to transform our culture with God's grace, love, and truth. Please consider that reaching youth represents our aim to invest in the next generation and to prepare them for bringing cultural transformation.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Being a Tater

1. Some people never seem motivated to participate, but are just
content to watch while others do the work.
--They’re called "Speck Taters".

2. Some people never do anything to help, but are gifted at finding
fault with the way others do the work.
--They’re called "Comment Taters".

3. Some people are very bossy and like to tell others what to do, but
don’t want to soil their own hands.
--They’re called "Dick Taters".

4. Some people are always looking to cause problems by asking
others to agree with them. It is too hot or too cold, too sour or too
--They’re called "Agie Taters".

5. There are those who say they will help, but somehow just never get
around to actually doing the promised help.
--They’re called "Hezzie Taters".

6. Some people can put up a front and pretend to be someone they are
--They’re called "Emma Taters".

7. Then there are those who love others and do what they say they
will. They are always prepared to stop whatever they are doing and
lend a helping hand. They bring real sunshine into the lives of
--They’re called "Sweet Taters".

What kind of “tater” are you?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Butt Prints In The Sand

One night, i had a wondrous dream;
one set of footprints there was seen.
The footprints of my precious Lord,
but mine were not along the shore.
But then some strange prints appeared,
and i asked the Lord, What have we here?
"Those prints are large and round and neat,
But Lord they are too big for feet."
"My child," He said in somber tears
"For miles i carried you alone.
I challenged you to walk in spiritual maturity,
but you refused and made me wait.
You disobeyed, you would not grow,
the walk-of-faith, you would not know.
So i got tired and fed up,
and there i dropped you on your butt,
because in life, there comes a time,
when one must fight, and one must climb,
when one must rise and take a stand,
or leave their butt prints in the sand."

Monday, November 17, 2008


Give me a revelation
Show me what to do
Cause I've been trying to find my way
I haven't got a clue
Tell me should I stay here
Or do I need to move
Give me a revelation
I've got nothing without you
I've got nothing without you

By Third Day

Friday, November 14, 2008

Welcome Home

Homesickness is one of the burdens God doesn’t mind if we carry. God has “set eternity in the hearts of men” (Eccles. 3:11 NIV). Down deep you know you are not home yet.

This is not our forever house. It will serve for the time being. But there is nothing like the moment we enter his door. Molly can tell you. After a month in our house she ran away. I came home one night to find the place unusually quiet. Molly was gone.

She’d slipped out unnoticed. The search began immediately. Within an hour we knew that she was far, far from home. Now, if you don’t like pets, what I’m about to say is going to sound strange. If you do like pets, you will understand.

You’ll understand why we walked up and down the street, calling her name. You’ll understand why I drove around the neighborhood at 10:30 P.M. You’ll understand why I put up a poster in the convenience store and convened the family for a prayer. (Honestly, I did.) You’ll understand why I sent e-mails to the staff, asking for prayers, and to her breeder, asking for advice. And you’ll understand why we were ready to toss the confetti and party when she showed up.

Here is what happened. The next morning Denalyn was on her way home from taking the girls to school when she saw the trash truck. She asked the workers to keep an eye out for Molly and then hurried home to host a moms’ prayer group. Soon after the ladies arrived, the trash truck pulled into our driveway, a worker opened the door, and out bounded our dog. She had been found.

When Denalyn called to tell me the news, I could barely hear her voice. It was Mardi Gras in the kitchen. The ladies were celebrating the return of Molly. This story pops with symbolism. The master leaving his house, searching for the lost. Victories in the midst of prayer. Great things coming out of trash. But most of all: the celebration at the coming home. That’s something else you have in common with Molly—a party at your homecoming.

Those you love will shout. Those you know will applaud. But all the noise will cease when the Father cups your chin and says, “Welcome home.” And with scarred hand he’ll wipe every tear from your eye. And you will dwell in the house of your Lord—forever.

By Max Lucado

Monday, November 10, 2008


“The ability to thrive despite adversity, enables people of all ages and backgrounds to lead healthy and fulfilling lives despite formidable obstacles”

Robert Ackerman